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Little Giraffe Bath Towel

This Little Giraffe bath Towel is a pink and white luxury baby hooded Towel size 2441, it comes with a Little Giraffe on one side and a sunhat on the other. It is a best-in-class gift for the Little him or her.

Little Giraffe Bath Towel Walmart

This Little Giraffe bath Towel is sensational for children who are digging for a stylish and luxurious Towel to wear when going outside, the lavender and green color is unique and beautiful, while the dot inflatable Towel head is exceptional for children's headgear. This Towel as well waterproof and can be washed in the dishwasher, this Little Giraffe bath to sensational for folks hot boiled water baths. The faux fur coatings give the bath Towel a bit and the white and gray are straightforward to see, the bath Towel is in like manner a good alternative for the dog's first bath. This Little Giraffe bath Towel is a new addition to our line of luxury towels, it's made out of high quality pink white luxury fabric and provides a beautiful Little Giraffe design on the front. This Towel is first-rate for illing in the bath and will keep your baby's bathtub clean and tidy, it is prime for any early morning or even late night shower. This bath Towel is manufactured of 100% cotton and renders two dots in the form of ears on one side and a celadon color on the other side, this bath Towel is a peerless alternative for any bath or event.